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5768 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90019


Nu Leaf Design is a floral design studio based in Los Angeles with an array of contemporary bohemian floral pieces and a boutique line of specialty goods. We cater to a variety of occasions, and look forward to assisting you with any of your floral design needs. 

Bloom Insider


Become a BLOOM Insider! 

Do you love love love flowers? I mean, really who doesn't! 

Sign up to become a Bloom Insider and you'll get updates about monthly events, workshops, and any specials we're offering ! You can also sign up for one of our subscription services if you want blooms on the weekly! 

You no longer have to pick up those "basic blooms" from the market ! Get a fresh & unique variety of blooms hand delivered every week to spice things up a bit- we promise it'll put you in a good mood! 



Bloom Insider- Starter Pack

This package is great for anyone who loves to have fresh blooms for one or two locations in their home. You can certainly separate into a few vases or just keep all in one. The point is you won't have to run to the market every week to liven up your home! Let us do it for you. 

Small $45+tax/ Weekly-( Includes One Seasonal Small Bouquet )

Medium $75 +tax/ Weekly (Includes One Medium Seasonal Bouquet)

Large $125+tax/Weekly  ( Includes One Large Seasonal Bouquet) 

Delivery within 10 miles is $20/ each time, Delivery over 10 miles is $30/ each time

*Bouquets are seasonal varieties, however please specify if there are any colors or flowers you dislike as we want to ensure that whatever we send you matches your aesthetic! Flowers are seasonal and therefore not all of them are available all year but we can always find something just as pretty! 


Three Bouquet Package 

3 Smalls $135/ Weekly 

3 Mediums/ $225/ Weekly

3 Large/ $375/ Weekly 

This package is perfect for anyone who likes to have flowers in multiple spots throughout their home. These packages can also be custom if you like particular flowers for certain vases in your home. (Specialty flowers will depend on seasonal availability and market price. Not always guaranteed) 

With these packages, you'll receive a special bonus- give us some important dates to remember (i.e Birthday, Anniversaries, Memorials, etc)m  and we'll make sure to send you a reminder and 50% off your bouquet size of choice for that special day!  

Side Note: When you purchase a 3 month package, we'll spoil you with a complimentary extra bouquet once a month and nothing beats complimentary : )  

Delivery within 10 miles is $20/ each time & $30/ over 10 miles 


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