Kira And Alan Braden Wedding September 23, 2017

These two made my own wedding dreams come true by featuring an actual LLAMA at their wedding. The bride had told me to keep it hush hush from her future hubby because it was going to be a major surprise! And it sure was!

"Freckles" the llama showed up just as the bride and groom were taking their formal wedding photos and the groom couldn't have smiled any bigger. I've been lucky to say this about all my couples but these two college sweethearts also emulate the kind of love we're all looking for. They've been together through so much in the last decade that I know their journey  will only continue to put many other marriages to shame. When I showed up at the end of the night to strike their wedding I saw both of them dripping sweat, dancing their asses off with all their friends down to the very last beat of the final song. It was so wonderful to see them celebrating their love full force with everyone that means so much to them. Kira and Alan- I am so honored that I was able to be your florist for your most important day. Thank you for trusting me and being such wonderful human beings, I feel truly #blessed.


Felipe & Debora's Holy Matrimony at St. Monica's

Back in 2011 I was working as a restaurant manager at Shutters on the Beach. I had met Felipe - one of my bartenders at the time and he was not only my best bartender but also became a really good friend. We often talked about life, relationships, and everything in between. For the time I'd come to know Felipe - he had always been single, searching for a woman who was as in love with her faith as he was. As fate would have it, he found her one night at a church service! ALL the way from Brazil, and she ended up at the same church as him! 

I remember when he told me about her and I was sooooo excited for them.  From the moment they met, their chemistry ignited and never stopped. Being that they are both so active in their community and their church- having the celebrations at St.Monica's  was an easy decision. Their beloved Mt.Signor would perform their beautiful traditional Catholic ceremony surrounded by their loving family and friends. This was one wedding I actually got to design and ATTEND! It was a tiring day, but being able to design for people who I hold close to my heart is even more rewarding. Their love is pure, deep, and a beautiful example of what we should be striving towards. Cheers to you both, I have so much love for both of you and I'm so happy to be part of your life!