Felipe & Debora's Holy Matrimony at St. Monica's

Back in 2011 I was working as a restaurant manager at Shutters on the Beach. I had met Felipe - one of my bartenders at the time and he was not only my best bartender but also became a really good friend. We often talked about life, relationships, and everything in between. For the time I'd come to know Felipe - he had always been single, searching for a woman who was as in love with her faith as he was. As fate would have it, he found her one night at a church service! ALL the way from Brazil, and she ended up at the same church as him! 

I remember when he told me about her and I was sooooo excited for them.  From the moment they met, their chemistry ignited and never stopped. Being that they are both so active in their community and their church- having the celebrations at St.Monica's  was an easy decision. Their beloved Mt.Signor would perform their beautiful traditional Catholic ceremony surrounded by their loving family and friends. This was one wedding I actually got to design and ATTEND! It was a tiring day, but being able to design for people who I hold close to my heart is even more rewarding. Their love is pure, deep, and a beautiful example of what we should be striving towards. Cheers to you both, I have so much love for both of you and I'm so happy to be part of your life!